About Us

The Starship Poseidon program was founded by Dr. Will Bundy in 2012 to help expose students to the various STEM career opportunities that support the United States Navy. Students are also provided an opportunity to see the broad range of career options there are in these fields into how careers in these fields are not only very interesting, they can be fun too. The program receives the  majority of its funding through the Navy’s Office of Naval Research and receives support from the Naval War College, the Naval Station, Officer Training Command and a group of faculty, counselors and volunteers.

While the summer STEM camp is the highlight of the program, the program has grown to include periodic STEM challenge events across the state. We also will provide ongoing information sharing about other educational and career opportunities. Ultimately, we would like to offer students a continuum of mentoring and coaching as they progress to maintain the motivation and achieve their ultimate objectives.

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